Pub Quiz 2019

Every other Wednesday at 8.30 pm.

Teams of up to 6 people battle it out in our Pub Quiz for modest cash prizes, more for the fun of the game and an excuse to socialise with friends!

  • 4th December

Acoustic Music Nights 2019

Live music from 8.00 pm.

Come and enjoy a relaxed evening of traditional music and songs at The Golden Bowler on the 3rd Thursday of every month. This event has been really well received by our regulars so why not join us?

  • 19th December

Friendly Scrabble

Every Friday starting at 2.00 pm.

No booking required.

Charity Events

We’ve done it again ….on Sunday 21st October 2018 we invited a few special canine friends and their owners to join us as we celebrated raising another £5000 for the Guide Dogs.  This has enabled us to name another two guide dog puppies which we hope will be born sometime in the new year.  The puppy names were chosen from a huge selection that we received from customers and staff in the few weeks preceding the presentation of the cheque.  The Guide Dog team have confirmed that our preferred names of Raffle and Mozz have been accepted and we now have to wait patiently for their arrival. We would like to thank our volunteers, customers and staff for their generosity of both time and money during our weekly Sunday raffles and other fund raising events.  Over the last few years we have donated over £20,000 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association enabling us to name/sponsor a total of 7 dogs. The first was Goldie, then Silver & Bronze (both in the London Olympics year), Bonnie & Clyde were next (an adorable sister and brother) and most recently Raffle and Mozz.